While he may be best known as a great writer and story teller, Anthony Bourdain was first a chef. The exact quote that inspired this print is:

The Italians and Spanish, the Chinese and Vietnamese see food as part of a larger, more essential and pleasurable part of daily life. Not as an experience to be collected or bragged about – or as a ritual like filling up a car – but as something else that gives pleasure, like sex or music, or a good nap in the afternoon.

This tribute to to food lovers everywhere was hand printed on a vintage Vandercook letterpress. The inks are gold and white, and the shadings on each print vary slightly due to the nature of the press.

The print measures 12″ x 18″ and is made on heavy chocolate colored cover stock.

A portion of the revenue from the sale of these posters will be donated to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Price INCLUDES shipping & handling.

Posters will be mailed via USPS priority mail anywhere in the continental United States. Orders outside the U.S., please contact us directly at marysnorthport@live.com for pricing.